SharePoint 2013 Enterprise install

SharePoint 2013 Enterprise install

In the previous post we installed SQL server for SharePoint. In this post we will install SharePoint.

1.Go to C:\Software\SW_DVD5_SharePoint_Server_2013w_SP1_64Bit_English_MLF_X19‐36118
2. Select Run as Administrator, and run setup.
3. At the first prompt select Yes to continue the SharePoint 2013 Installation.

UAC bootstrap

4. You will be prompted for verification of the proper SharePoint Enterprise key. Type in the CD
Key and select Continue.

key used

5. Select I accept the terms of this agreement, and select Continue.

enterprise agreement


On installation type, I chose a complete install. For Performance reasons a Compelte install will work a lot better than a Standalone‐install. The difference is SharePoint offload all of the SQL based transaction to the SQL server instead of trying to run it locally.
6. Select Complete install, and select Install Now.
7. Select Next to continue the install.

server type


Installer is running..

install progress



8. Select Close.

sp config wizard

Install has completed. However, remove the checkmark in order to reboot the server. This will ensure any components (like Internet Information Services) can be run after the server reboots.

Using the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard

After Reboot, Running the configuration wizard.

Select Yes.

config wizard


Select Next,

sp start


Selected Yes, to alert.



Select Create a new server farm

create farm


Database settings used

db settings used

Select Next,

farm password


Set up a farm password and be sure to remember. Select Next.

Left authentication at defaults and selected Next.

sharepoint central web app

Selected Next to confirm settings.

config success

Note <restarted configuration due to forgetting to make my account Sysadmin> despite creating the database with the CLD\SPDB account

Turn off proxy in order to access mainpage.

lan settings


Default homepage.

default homepage

In the next post we will Create a New Web Application.






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