Operations Manager Installation of Management Packs

On the previous section we installed Operations Manager reporting services and deploy the agents to servers. In this post we will begin monitoring the servers with the Managements Packs.

Helpfull reading

Technet – Importing Management packs

Prerequisites to installing Management Packs

Log into SCOM01 with the account OMAA.

Remove Hard Admin from IE in order to connect to the store to download Management packs.

To do this in Server 2012 R2 select server manager, local server, IE enhanced security configuration and set it to Off.

turning off IE security

turning off IE security

Select Off in the prompt and select OK.

turning off enhanced security

Select the Administration Tab. Select Required: Import management packs.

administration tab

administration tab

Select the Add button and Add from Catalog.

add from catalog

There are many Management packs available in the catalog. I will select just the most basic management packs for the monitoring of Windows 7, Server 2008R2, Server 2008, Server 2012, and Server 2012.



Select a couple management packs and select Install.

Add AD server stuff


Note: Management Packs have prerequisites and built into the installer is the ability to resolve management pack failures by installed the prerequisites first. The prerequisites are also called dependencies.

need first

Management Packs for Active Directory have been imported into SCOM.

after running resolve

Management Packs are now available for use in SCOM.

mgmt packs imported

Checking on the status of the computers in SCOM reveals the following:

healthy computers


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