Post 7 – Installing Configuration Manager

On the last post we checked some more prereqs before installing configuration manager. In this post we will be installing Configuration Manager.

Post 7 – Installing Configuration Manager

On this post we will install Configuration Manager.

Load up the configuration Manager ISO on the ConfigMgr server.

I am using:


Which will Install Configuration Manager 2012 R2.

Browse to: D:\SMSSETUP\BIN\X64 and run setup.

The first screen lets you know about some initial settings you need to have before completing the install. Select Next to proceed.


Start screen

I will be creating a single server so I leave the settings at defaults and select Next.

configmgr setup

Configuration Manager install Major Decision

I will be using an evaluation of configmgr, and select next.



Select I agree to the licensing, and select Next.

licensing i agree


On the Prerequisite licenses, select all of the software and select Next.

prereq licenses

prereq licenses

Configuration Manager still has items it needs to download. Create a folder on your server, and direct configuration manager to download these extra setup files. Select Next after the 56 files have finished downloading.



Selected English as default lanaguage and languages that will be supported selected English as well and Next.

The Site Definition is how you will identify your site later. It is a 3 digit code for simplicity. Setting the site definition:

BP1 site

BP1 site

Set as primary site, and select Next.

primary site only

Primary site installation

Select primary site gives another dialog box, click Yes to close.

primary site alert

The creation of the Site Database. I kept it at defaults and selected Next.

site database creation

site database creation

Database information specifies where data files and logs will be stored. I kept this setting at the default and selected Next.

site db info

Database Information

SMS provider, I kept at defaults and selected Next.

sms provider

Sms Provider Settings

PKI certificates are not in place yet so I selected Configure the communication method on each site system role and selected Next.

no certs in place

Client Communication settings

The site system roles, as this is a standalone build I kept the settings at defaults and selected Next.

site system roles

Site System Roles

I selected to not join the Customer Improvement program and selected Next. Selecting next brought the install summary, after next is selected a prereq check runs again to ensure everything is ready.

settings summary

Settings summary

A final prerequisite check is performed and its ok. I only have an error message as WSUS is not installed, and SQL server does not have 8GB of dedicated ram. I can always perform these tasks later. Select Begin Install.

last prereq check

Prerequisite Check

Configuration Manager has been successfully installed.

install success

In my next post I detail how to set boundaries and enable discovery methods.


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