Post 14 – Software Distribution Packages and Programs

In the previous post we packed software for local installations. In this post we will be using the 2007 era way  to deploy packages and programs. It seems easier to understand. Microsoft says to use the older way for the following reasons:

Scripts that do not install an application on a comptuer. An example is a script to defragment the harddrive.

One-time scripts that do not require monitoring.

Scripts that run on a recurring schedule and do not use global conditions or rules.

Post 14 – Software Distribution Packages and Programs

App-V client is available at:

APP-V requires windows 7 or better.

To evaluate MDOP you must have a valid MSDN subscriber account.

Settings for Distribution Point

For backups of virtual machines i use veeam 7.0. It will install a local version of SQL server express in order to build it’s database while you backup virtual machines.

Create a share on your Configuration Manager server called SourceFiles.  Set the everyone group to read only on this share. Download winzip and copy the executable here.

Go to Software Library, Application Management, and Packages. Right Click and select Create Package.

Give the package the following properties:

create package

create package

On source folder use \\configmgr\SourceFiles and Select Next.

 Software updates.



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