Orchestrator – Set up

Setting up System Center Orchestrator

We will be installing Orchestrator 2012 R2, if you do not have the media for this install you may download it from technet.

First create a 2012R2 virtual machine. We will call this virtual machine SCORCH1.  Add the latest patches and add this machine to the domain

Active Directory Prep Work

Create the follow accounts and groups in active directory:

Orchestrator – Organizational Unit

Orchsvc – Orchestrator service account

OrchUsers -Orchestrator users security global group

Create an account, Orchguy and add this account to the OrchUsers security group. Add other domain admin accounts into this security group that will require access.

Orchestrator PreReqs

Orchestrator uses .Net 3.5 SP1. To install this feature ensure the Server 2012R2 ISO is mounted to the system. Open PowerShell as an Administrator and run the following:

Add-WindowsFeature NET-Framework-Core -source D:\sources\sxs

.NET 4.0 is required, if not already installed on the server.

Add the Orchsvc domain account to the local administrators group on the server. Also add the OrchUsers security group to the server.

Now install the IIS role. Go to Server Manager, add roles and features, and select Next at the first screen of the wizard.

Select Role-based or feature-based installation.


Select the default server, SCORCH1.BluePalace.com and Select Next to continue.

Select Web Server (IIS) and select Add features on the next screen to add Management tools and the IIS Management console.

adding features

Select next to continue, and select Next to continue at the next page twice. On IIS features, make sure the following are selected:

IIS default features selected

IIS default features selected

Select Next to continue.  Select restart automatically if required, and select Yes to the warning screen that will appear after. Select Install to begin installing IIS.

begin IIS install

begin IIS install

Finished installing IIS successfully. Click close.

IIS basic has been installed

IIS basic has been installed

SQL server install

We have already installed a SQL server in a previous post so we will use that SQL server for our Orchestrator database.

Orchestrator Install

Log into your Orchestrator server with the domain admin account. Load the Orchestrator ISO to your SCORCH1 machine. Go to the D:\drive and select setup and Run as Administrator. We will be installing Orchestrator 2012 R2.Select Install.

Orchestrator default screen

Insert the key provided. If you don’t have the key you can install the evaluation edition. Select Next to continue. Select I accept to the license terms. Select all of the following features and select Next.

Select all features

Select all features

A hardware check will continue. In this case setup has found that .NET and IIS features/roles have not been activated. Select Next to continue (and setup will perform this function)

missing prereqs


Now that the prereqs have been completed. Configure a service account for Orchestrator. Use the Orchsvc  service account. Enter the account information and select Test to verify the account can work correctly. Everything is working correctly, select Next to continue.

test svc account

test Orchsvc account

On the database configuration, use the previous setup database. In this case I am using DB01, select Test Database Connection. Select Next to continue.

test db

test db

Orchestrator will use our existing OperationsManager database. Select Next to continue.

use exisiting database

use exisiting database

We will set up Orchestrator to use the domain security group OrchUsers. Select Browse, and find OrchUsers on the domain. Select Next to continue.

Orchusers granted access

Orchusers granted access

Accept the default Orchestrator web ports of 81 and 82. Select Next to continue.

default ports

default ports

Keep the default installation location and select Next to continue.

default install location

default install location

Allow Orchestrator to check for updates from Microsoft. Select Next to continue.

orch updates

orch updates

Select No to improving Orchestrator and select Next to continue. The installation summary options are presented, select install to begin installing Orchestrator. This may take awhile so come back in about 20 minutes.

The install has finished successfully.

Without DB connection

Post Installation Tasks for Orchestrator 



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