Configuration Manager – Deployment of Windows Updates

Easiest way to deploy updates:

Log into your Central Administration Server (CAS).

To make managing software updates,  the creation of Folders and populating them with Collections can help organize server types, organized by work orders, problem categories, or any category needed to make management easier.There are really two ways of organizing your collections and software updates. The first way is the manual way, which involves a lot of time consuming moves and replaces in order to keep your content organized. The second way involves using PowerShell to build your subfolders and will automatically populate the various subfolders with the windows updates.

Manual way 

You can create the various sub folder’s manually. Log into CAS. Open SCCM, go to Software Library. At the top of the screen select the folder tab. Select Create folder. In this case I am calling it Itanium. Now manually select the Itanium based patches and move them into this folder. This becomes a problem when you want to organize many different operating systems.



The Automatic Way

Copy the PowerShell script located here , and copy the scripts to your CAS server. Log in to your CAS server.

Run Powershell as an Administrator. Now change to the directory that you have unzipped the scripts too. I extracted the scripts in the subfolder c:\Ps.

Go to the folder the scripts were extracted. Find the CreateFoldersandCollections file. Right mouse click to select properties. Go down to the bottom and select unblock. Although this file is not digitally signed, it is a trusted script that will not break our server. Now do this for the other scripts in the directory.

unblocking script

unblocking script

Go back to Powershell. Set the execution policy to allow the script the run. Type: Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

Powershell will prompt if you want to really do this, select Y and enter.

set exec policy

now run the script:
 .\CreateFoldersAndCollections.ps1 .\FolderAndCollections_Software_Updates.xml

The scripts executes and starts creating folders:

creating subfolders

It will take awhile for the script to execute, as you may have a lot of updates available on your system. I currently have 3300.





Deploying updates. Go to your CAS server. Select your built software update groups. Right mouse click and select Show members on the Windows Server 2008R2 updates group to see exactly what is included in this update.

see the groups

Currently 212 updates. Some have already been downloaded as parts of earlier updates, so we will not need to download all of these updates, but for the example they will be pushed in this pack.

Right mouse click to select Download, This will open the creation of a deployment package.


In this case we will Download/Prestage Windows XP updates.

Select all updates, and select download.

Selected create a new deployment package, will use the location:


Note had to create the folder XP, select next to continue.

Adding distribution points. Select Add, select P01 as the distrubution point. Select Next.

Change the settings to auto download content when packages are assigned to distro, distribute this to the distro point <added some folder on P01> select next.

Selected to download from internet. selected next. Selected only English and next, shown summary and selected next, will see how many actually get pre-downloaded.


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